Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nice stanced '59 ragtop Beetle

This bug from AircooledFront has such a nice stance I wanted to share you all.
First it had the stock steel wheels (widened at the back) :

And now it's rollin' on Porsche Cookiecutter wheels, awesome !

Curent wheelspecs:
-80mm Narrowed, adjustable front beam with urethane bushing kit
-10mm shocktowers (custom build)
-Dropped spindles
-Front: 5x130 disk brakes
-Back: 5x130 adapters on stock drums
-Front: 6J Porsche/ATS Cookiecutters with 175/55/15"
-Rear: 7J Porsche/ATS Cookiecutters with 195/65/15"

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