Sunday, December 12, 2010

Country buggy

VW Country Buggy. 1,956 made and sold in Australia/New Zealand and a couple of other small island countries under the name "Sakbayan".


  1. The country buggy, type197, is build from 1965-'68, with a 1300 upright fan motor and based on a Type1 Beetle floorpan but with raised front suspension and modified Type2 rear swing axles with reduction gears.

  2. The country buggy is developed in 1965 - 1968. The Australasia Ltd. began the development of type197. They made three cars with 1300cc and 1500cc engines.
    The first factory buggy is built in december 1967. Before 1969 there were 842 buggy's build in stead of the planned 1800.
    In 1969 570 buggy's (which 42 rhd, 360 lhd and 168 rhd as selfmade kit), 1970: 363 (which 3 rhd) and in 1971: 181. But these 181 cars were built for export to Philippines.

    In Australia is the type197 standard built with an 1285cc engine (50 SAE hp). But you could also choose an 1192cc engine (41,5 SAE hp).