Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kind of an update ...

Hi guys !

Last weekend I went to KeverWinterFestijn (more foto's of it later).It was nice, I bought a spare key for my doorlocks and a license plate holder right there, when we walked another round, we stopped by Kieft&Klok, and I bought an surfboard right there.
We arrived there with a Fiat Seicento, with a rollcage and that kind of stuff on it, it fitted after some rough powerpushing, haha lol !
So when we went back here we had an birthday that evening.

The folowing days I polished my surfboard, and after that I waxed it, I put my roofrack on top of my '62 and figured out how I am tighten the board on top of it (well, kinda LOL), polished my roof and now its ready for Interclassics Topmobiel 2011, It's an car show with lots of very expensive cars on there, like old Bugatti's, Ferrari's, Bentleys, Mercedes' etc. etc. !
So Its quite unique to be invited there with an old Beetle, I'm proud again ahahaa !

This evening at 6 o'clock, I (my dad needs to drive it again =( ) need to park the car inside the hall at the stand of KeverClub Nederland.
I'll make some pictures this weekend at the event !

By the way, need to show you my roofrack =)

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