Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finaly, I made a 'big' cruise with my own Beetle !

Yes !!
Last weekend I made my first 'big' cruise in my Beetle !
I went to RaceWars (it's more like Rice-Wars but okay =P) with a friend, he drove a Golf MK2.

It is SO awesome to drive ! , but my alternator was broken (I knew that before), the day before this meeting, I put a charger on my batery, but the next morning my batery was still death =(
On my way back home, the car died for like 2 times on the highway, my batery was so weak, it even couldn't give my ignition enough 'power' to drive it to my garage =(
I'm gonna buy me a new alternator tomarow.

P.S. Saturday I fitted some smaller tires (135/70/15, it was like 165/65/15) at the front, I really like my stance for now =)
Here are some pics of mine on the highway (thnx to Patrick for the pic !)

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  1. Can I ask what your setup is in this pic? Your car is perfect! Stock beam with spindles only? What was your rear tire size? Beauty car man.